The Natural Park

Capraia Island belongs to the National park of the Tuscan Archipelago, a protected area that includes 18000
hectares of dry land and 60000 hectares of marine area. The reason for having formed a marine and earthly park in this area is easy to explain: clear and pure unspoilt water, the difference of the deep seas (soundings) and of
the coast of each Island and the emergence of earth in parts where the surrounding bathymetry is rather high, make of this area a biologically perfect place both for migratory and non-migratory marine fauna. Besides , Capraia Island has got the only natural storage of sweet water existing among the Archipelago. Being one of the most famous “migratory fauna corridor” between Europe and Africa, is a constrained area for stop and reproduction for a huge amount of different winged animals. Capraia has also a great quantity of endemism (both vegetal and animal). Being situated in the midst of the “Shrine of Cetaceans”, it is easy to meet shoals of dolphins and whales. The Island is, in short, a small natural paradise close to our cities, an unexpected oasis of wild and fascinating nature that absolutely deserves being visited.

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About Us

Palazzo Renzi, dimora storica dell'Isola di Capraia, fino dal 1980 offre ospitalità nei suoi appartamenti.
Le soluzioni abitative, tutte con gli stessi standard ma con struttura e disposizione diversa l'uno dall'altro, ne fanno il luogo ideale per una vacanza unica e indimenticabile..