The main factors that make the Island of Capraia one of the most aspired destination in Italy for divers and for people who love diving activity are the total lack of built-up areas, the constant tidal current that touches the island from South to North, the bathymetry that goes up from the deep sea. The water so clear, devoid of dust, never turbid, full of different kind of fish make every diving a time for fun. The shoals and the cliffs are full of colours given by red and yellow incrusted sponge, by the cliffs covered by deep red parazoantus (to the joy of those who love macrophotography) and lived by all kinds of mollusks, sea hares and small lobsters. It happens very often to meet shoals of barracuda as well as big echims. In the seabed dozens groupers, sargos, dentex and other kind of fish swim around surrounded by clouds of saddled bream or black water-chesnuts. It is easy to meet shoals of dolphins too. All in all, it’s one of the most unforgettable and exciting dive in the Tirreno sea!

La Vela Residence

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Isola di Capraia - Livorno

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About Us

Palazzo Renzi, dimora storica dell'Isola di Capraia, fino dal 1980 offre ospitalità nei suoi appartamenti.
Le soluzioni abitative, tutte con gli stessi standard ma con struttura e disposizione diversa l'uno dall'altro, ne fanno il luogo ideale per una vacanza unica e indimenticabile..