The Island territory

Capraia Island is the third largest Island of the Tuscan Archipelago. It is situated NW of Elba Island, just 16 miles from Corsica and 36 miles from Livorno. It is named the “wild” island as a result of a volcanic eruption that happened nine million years ago. Deep cliffs, rocks of beautiful colours and striking chromatic contrasts are visible. The Island is the “shrine of crustaceans” the heart of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago deep in the largest protected sea area of Europe. The territory is wild, totally covered by Mediterranean bush, and has just one small town centre. The borough of Capraia Island, which belongs to the town of Livorno, is governed by a town council.

La Vela Residence

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Isola di Capraia - Livorno

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About Us

Palazzo Renzi, dimora storica dell'Isola di Capraia, fino dal 1980 offre ospitalità nei suoi appartamenti.
Le soluzioni abitative, tutte con gli stessi standard ma con struttura e disposizione diversa l'uno dall'altro, ne fanno il luogo ideale per una vacanza unica e indimenticabile..