The Coast

This is the real jewel of Capraia Island: her coast, her inlets, the crystalline water, sheer cliffs above the sea 300 mt high, sea gulls flying everywhere, the chance to enjoy a real unique sea, a sea that
cannot be found anywhere else in the Tirreno sea. The side of the island towards the East, towards the continent is rich of inlets dominated by old control towers that were built by the Republic of Genova, and were meant to be a contrast to the landing of the Siracens pirates. Sloping coasts sweetly to the sea give you the chance to have a swim even in law waters, sometimes into shoals but mostly into extremely clear waters. There is only one beach, Cala della Mortola, which is reachable only by boat or with a good taxi-boat service from the port. The rest of the inlets are all hard rocks reachable from the sea or, in some cases like Cala del Ceppo or Cala dello Zurletto from land.The South part of
the Island is unforgettable: Cala Rossa, an old volcanic cone, that has collapsed from one side, gives you an unforgettable sight . Punta dello Zenobito with its majestic tower over grey basalt is a unique show. The West coast side, with Corsica on the horizon, is absolutely grand. This is exactly where you really perceive that wild feeling of the island, her being an “Island” in the proper sense of the word. Having a swim in these waters is like an elixir of life, it’s like being an integrant part of a unique place, something special and absolutely unforgettable.

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About Us

Palazzo Renzi, dimora storica dell'Isola di Capraia, fino dal 1980 offre ospitalità nei suoi appartamenti.
Le soluzioni abitative, tutte con gli stessi standard ma con struttura e disposizione diversa l'uno dall'altro, ne fanno il luogo ideale per una vacanza unica e indimenticabile..